At BC, we embrace every individual as they are. We find the pathways our clients need to develop without limits and thrive.

Beyond Communication was founded over 14 years ago with the mission to provide exceptional support in speech, language and literacy. Since then, it has grown into a comprehensive center that provides the best speech therapy, diagnostic educational and speech/language testing, specialized tutoring and continuing education. The team consists of a group of professionals who love what they do and have the highest level of clinical expertise. We have built the reputation on always upholding the needs of the child and using data-driven information to treat or evaluate.

Message from the Founder

At BC, our mission is to empower young people
with language disabilities and their families.

In our modern world, we swim in a sea of words. It can seem like everyone is always talking, reading, and writing. Everything moves so fast. Children and teens with language and learning challenges are easily left behind, both academically and socially, even though they have so many strengths. I know these kids and the barriers they face. I built BC to focus on their needs. Our work centers around instilling the skills and strategies that will help them overcome some of those barriers, and the self-determination to cope with the others.

BC exists to support kids and teens but we are also here for their families. It’s hard to be a parent of a child with a learning difference. Many parents feel that trying to navigate the special education system is like being stuck in quicksand. The more you struggle, the deeper you sink. So often, parents who call our office express that they’re confused, overwhelmed, frustrated, and lost. They just want to help their child feel better about school and about themselves, but the way forward is impossible to see. Every day we hear, “I just don’t know what to do next.”

We do not offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Children are complex and each has their own unique story. Helping families of kids with special needs requires giving each one careful, focused attention. Our approach to helping families starts with learning about the child and about what’s happening in their education. Then we apply our expert training in child language disabilities and integrate our wisdom from years of experience with specialized instruction. The result is a focused, organized, fully informed set of recommendations. Armed with this information, we can coach the family about their options and how to weigh them. Our families tell us that they feel they’re finally able to step out of the quicksand and start steadily climbing upward.

Since 2007, BC has built a reputation for outstanding expertise, integrity, and results. This really is a special place. Each day I’m reminded of how extraordinarily lucky I am to get to spend time with incredible kids, partner with their supportive parents, and collaborate with exceptional colleagues. I love this work. Everyone here does, and I believe it shows in everything we do. I invite you explore what makes BC different. Connect with us, tell us your story, and hear how we can help. You’ll be glad you did.


Our team of specialists are ready to help you and your child get answers, build a plan, and implement that plan to improve your quality of life.
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Dr. Jeanne Tighe


Owner/Clinical Director

Alison Pankowski

M.Ed., LDT-C

Education Director

Marisa Brunner


Speech Language Pathologist

Samantha Townsend


Speech Language Pathologist

Lauren Samara


Master Teacher

Stephanie Parada


Speech Language Pathologist

Madison Gates

M.A, Teacher of the Deaf

Clinical Assistant

Stacey Palant


Speech Language Pathologist