Speech Therapy in New Jersey

Speech Therapy in New Jersey

New Jersey Speech Therapists

As a provider of speech therapy in New Jersey, we primarily work with young people. Speech therapy affects 1 in 12 U.S. children between the ages of 3-17 with a disorder related to voice, language, speech, or swallowing. Speech therapy is also a service that is commonly used by those who have certain developmental delays (such as autism), the elderly, and those who have experienced major health catastrophes such as heart attacks, strokes, and more.

The Importance of Speech Therapy Services

If you are considering investing in speech therapy in new Jersey services for your child, the benefits are:

Improve Communication: One of the top ways children benefit from speech therapy is that it allows them to be more effective communicators. Although many people seem to believe that some children  communicate ineffectively is that they are too young, in all actuality, one of the main reasons is that they may be secretly suffering from a speech delay. Therefore, investing in these services can instantly have a positive effect on their communication skills.

Boost Social Skills: Similarly, many children struggle socially because they have speech delays. However, by enrolling them in speech therapy services, you could totally transform their social lives.

Reading Skills: Moreover, some kids who have reading issues actually have an underlying speech delay issue. This is because speech delay issues can also cause problems with reading, writing, and even listening. Enrolling them in speech services can help fix these issues.

In Autism and Other Disorders

Autism is one example of a disorder that is marked by speech delays. Speech therapy can help improve these delays. It can also help with:

Non-Verbal Communication: One of the top ways speech therapy can benefit those with Autism is that it can better help them understand non-verbal communication, which is also a common symptom of such disorders.

Body Language: It can also assist in learning body language.

Asking and Responding to Questions: Those who suffer from developmental disorders may also suffer from an inability to ask and respond to questions appropriately. However, speech therapy can help correct this issue as well.

Grammar: Speech therapy can also help those with speech delays to improve their vocabulary and grammar.

Speech Therapy in New Jersey – Services

If you are interested in enrolling yourself or a loved one in speech therapy in New Jersey services, here is an overview of the services to choose from:

Speech and language rehabilitation

These services are for those who may deal with severe issues with their linguistic or cognitive capacity. These services are meant to help you recover and hopefully fully regain your ability to speak and communicate properly.

Cognitive retraining 

On the other hand, cognitive retraining therapy is a service that helps  provide patients with strategies needed to improve their thinking, attention, orientation, memory, reasoning, etc. This is often needed after someone experiences a brain injury.

Voice therapy

Additionally, voice therapy is a variety of techniques that helps patients improve issues affecting voice pitch, volume, quality, and more.

Swallowing services

Swallowing services offer a variety of exercises and methods of targeting dysphagia and other disorders that may cause issues with swallowing.

Augmentative and alternative communication services 

Lastly, augmentative and alternative communication services offer tools to communicate when someone cannot speak for a prolonged period.

Speech Therapy in New Jersey

Overall, there are plenty of reasons to enroll in speech therapy. Our team at Beyond Communication provides speech therapy in New Jersey and we’re happy to have an introductory call with you to answer your questions and talk about the details of our services.

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