“Shouldn’t she be talking more?”
“We keep encouraging him to use his words but it’s just not working.”

Lots of parents have been there. You watch your child grow a little every day and take joy in their achievements but meanwhile you’re worried. It seems like the other kids of their age talk a lot more. They understand what they’re parents are saying and respond faster and more clearly. You want to see those skills start sprouting in your child, too.

This 4-week course teaches parents and caregivers simple steps that lead to big growth. In weekly small-group Zoom meetings with a speech-language pathologist (SLP), you’ll learn 6 key skills you can immediately start using with your child to accelerate their language development. Each week, your SLP leader will teach 1-2 skills, model them for you, help you test them out, and support you in figuring out how that skill will work in the context of your home, family, and daily routines. We teach you what to do and how to do it in a way that makes sense for you. At the next meeting, we review how things went with the last week’s strategy and make adjustments based on your experiences before moving forward to the next level.

You’ll see your child:

  • Attend more closely to your words
  • Start using sounds and words to communicate with you
  • Add new words to their vocabulary
  • Engage more in back-and-forth interactions with you


What is it: A small-group course for parents of toddlers.
What does it accomplish? It helps your learn what you can do at home to get your child talking.
How long does it take? 4 weeks
Where does it happen: Lambertville office or remote
How much does it cost? $399