The top predictors of lifelong success for people with learning disabilities are
self-awareness and self-determination.

We spend so much time and effort trying to help our kids read better, spell better, and do better academically. Those efforts are important, of course, but skill instruction is only going help kids with language disabilities to an extent. Language disabilities (like Dyslexia, Developmental Language Disorder, and Auditory Processing Disorder) don’t get totally outgrown, even when great progress is achieved. Kids who have more difficulty than their peers with speaking, listening, reading, and writing, will probably grow up to be adults who also have more difficulty with these skills than others. One of the best ways we can equip children with language disabilities to have a happy, healthy, successful life is to empower them with self-awareness and self-determination.

Unmute is a 5-week one-to-one course designed to empower kids and teens with language disabilities. This course was born out of our founder’s doctoral research and draws its framework and techniques directly from the scientific literature on self-determination for children with communication and learning disabilities. Your child will meet with a speech-language pathologist for five weekly one-hour sessions. Through a combination of instructional and counseling techniques, the therapist will help your child develop a complete narrative sketch of themselves, including their personal strengths and their challenges. The goal of the program is to help your child understand their challenges, including specific diagnosis when appropriate, and conceptualize those challenges as a small part of their total self. This is how successful adults with learning disabilities get ahead- by knowing themselves, anticipating what will and will not work for them, and then proceeding proactively through life.

Unmute is appropriate for children in third grade and up. It was designed specifically for remote platforms but can be presented in person if that’s preferred. Parents gain access to an online companion course that provides an overview of the research supporting the program and steps for infusing the empowerment techniques into daily life. At the end of the program, the therapist creates a personalized carryover guide that you can share with your child’s teachers and other service providers.


What is it: A course that teaches children about their brains and how to work with them.
What does it accomplish? It helps your child build confidence and self-advocacy skills.
Where does it happen? Lambertville office, Brick office, or remote
How long does it take? 5 weeks
How much does it cost? $599