Learn about the communication components of your child’s social skills and how to help.

Who this is for:​
This is the right evaluation for school aged children (K-12) who struggle with making and keeping friends, having back and forth conversations, and navigating their social world.

How does it work:​​
The specific steps in this evaluation can vary based on child’s situation. The evaluation may include a visit fo your child’s school if appropriate and feasible. In all cases, a speech-language pathologist will meet with your child. She will gather information about their communication skills through structured conversations that will be recorded and analyzed. Some standardized tests will be used, including scales that parents, teachers and sometimes the children themselves, fill out. This office visit is typically about 2-3 hours.

What you walk away with:​​
The evaluator will integrate all available information from observation, qualitative measures, and standardized tests, and write a report that lays out the results. If your child needs support to grow socially, we will include specific recommendations for how to help. These recommendations may include what to do in school, at home, and in the community.

​How much it costs: