Some kids and teens find socializing difficult. They might have trouble building and maintaining friendships, picking up on social cues, reading facial expressions and body language, or figuring out how to relate to their peers. Sam’s Squad is a social skills intervention group led by Samantha Townsend, MS, CCC-SLP. It’s designed to help your child build the skills they need to navigate social situations. Sam’s Squad activities focus on developing conversation, perspective-taking, and social problem-solving skills. It can be difficult for children with social communication deficits to find peers they fit in with. The Squad provides a safe space for them to learn and grow with others who share their struggles. Sessions are organized around fun activities that provide a natural environment for children and teens to form friendships and interact while learning the skills they need to socialize in the real world.


Location: Lambertville office
Ages: Group 1: Ages 10-13 Group 2: Ages 14-18
Schedule: Groups meet for 1 hour weekly and run for 6 weeks. Call for start dates and times.
Cost per 6-week session: $699