Reading and writing problems take different forms. Some kids struggle to sound out the words they see. Others can say the words easily but don’t grasp the message. Writing challenges also have many variations. Effective reading and writing remediation starts with pinpointing the nature of the child’s struggle and choosing the right intervention method for their needs. Too many professionals skip this step and launch right into time-consuming and expensive interventions that are a poor fit for the child.

At BC, our interventionists are also diagnosticians. We bring the whole process together, carefully learning the child’s profile before selecting the just-right treatment approaches. When it’s time to make that selection, we have a lot to choose from. The following are a few of our frequently used programs.

  • Wilson Reading SystemⓇ
  • SPELL Links ™
  • Project ReadⓇ Story Form & Report Form comprehension programs
  • Framing Your ThoughtsⓇ
  • The Writing RevolutionⓇ
  • Lindamood-Bell’s Seeing StarsⓇ and Visualizing & VerbalizingⓇ

Literacy intervention is available through in-person or remote sessions or a combination of both. Many clients appreciate scheduling most of their sessions as remote meetings for convenience and attending in-person sessions on occasion for that personal connection with their therapist. We know it’s a challenge to juggle a family’s schedule. You and your clinician will work together to find the right plan that connects your child’s therapy goals and your scheduling needs.


Location: Lambertville office, Brick office, or remote
Cost: $140 per hour