Find out if your preschool age child is on track with developing speech and language skills and what to do if they aren’t.

Who this is for:​
This is the right evaluation for families of children birth until it’s time to go to Kindergarten. If you have questions about your child’s ability to talk with others, learn, or make friends, this evaluation can help. 

How does it work:​​
A speech language pathologist will meet with you and your child. The evaluation will include parents interview, some play time, and administration of standardized tests of speech production, expressive language, and listening comprehension. The office visit takes about 2 hours. 

What you walk away with:​​
The evaluator will write a report that lays our the results. If your child’s speech or language is delayed, we will include specific recommendations for how to help. These may include working with your school district if your three to five year old child may qualify for preschool special education.

​How much it costs: