Learn more about your child’s executive function strengths and weaknesses and how to support them at home and school.

Who this is for:​
This is the right evaluation for school-aged children who have difficulty organizing, planning ahead, managing their time and/or belongings, problem-solving, and regulating their own thinking and feelings. Often, these children have been diagnosed with ADHD, but not always. Any child who consistently struggles with these skills, and their family, can benefit from this assessment.

How does it work:​​
You and your child will meet with a speech language pathologist who specializes in executive skills and childhood development. The evaluation will include parent interview, child interview, and administration of standardized scales. The evaluator may also review records and work samples.  The office visit takes about 3 hours.

What you walk away with:​​
The evaluator will write a report that lays out the results and describes your child’s functioning in relation to typical development. If your child needs special supports, we will include specific recommendations for how to help. These recommendations may include what to do in school, at home, and in the community.

​How much it costs: