Your child is struggling with reading. Is it dyslexia? Find out.

Who this is for:​
If you’ve been watching your child struggle with reading and writing, and wondering if what you’re seeing is dyslexia, our experts can help. Early indicators of dyslexia can be clearly identified in children as young as five. 

What to expect:​​
A speech language pathologist will meet with you and your child. The evaluation will include parents interview, some play time, and administration of standardized tests of speech production, expressive language, and listening You and your child will meet with either a speech-language pathologist (SLP) or a learning disabilities teacher consultant (LDTC) who specializes in dyslexia. The evaluation will include parent interview, child interview, and administration of standardized tests.The evaluator may also review records and work samples. The office visit takes about 3 hours.

What you walk away with:​​
The evaluator will write a report that lays out the results and describes your child’s functioning in relation to typical literacy development. If your child’s patterns of skills are consistent with the definition of dyslexia used in the New Jersey Special Education Code, a formal diagnosis will be included. The report will also include recommendations that will describe specific elements of appropriate literacy instruction for your child, so that you and your school team can apply the information directly to program development.

How much it costs: $1900