Get a comprehensive look at your child’s spoken and written language skills and detailed recommendations for educational programming.

Who this is for:​
Parents and/or school districts looking for answers for a school aged child. You may be investigating issues for the first time or have a long history of testing and services. Regardless, you need substantial guidance on what to do to make a significant change to the child’s educational situation.

What to expect:​​
The student and clinician will have 5-6 hours of direct testing time in our office. Also, the clinician will conduct a record review of all available, relevant records. The clinician may decide to administer parent and/or teacher rating scales to assist in collecting data.

What you walk away with:​​
The clinician will write a comprehensive report which outlines all findings, historical information as well as recommendations for appropriate programming moving forward. In addition, there will be a report wrap up call to ensure a full understanding of the findings and address any questions.

​How much it costs: