Students with ADHD can face many different challenges with school performance and interacting with others because of weaknesses with executive functioning. ADHD Coaching is an effective approach for improving executive functioning skills in children and teens. An ADHD coach is a valuable partner that helps children and teens tap into their strengths, understand their brains, and learn strategies to solve real life problems.

What is Executive Functioning?
Executive functioning refers to brain-based skills such as working memory, organization, impulse control, and regulating emotions. These skills need to work together to accomplish tasks and to interact with others successfully. Students with executive functioning weaknesses can look disorganized, distracted, forgetful, unmotivated, or impulsive, even though they are smart, capable, and want to succeed. Trouble with time management, getting going on assignments or tasks, remembering things, and sustaining attention are all difficulties associated with executive functioning weaknesses. This can make studying for tests, completing homework, doing household chores, or persisting through uninteresting tasks very difficult. Social interactions, academic success, and family life at home can all be impacted by difficulties with executive functioning.

What is ADHD Coaching?
An effective avenue for intervention is ADHD Coaching. An ADHD Coach helps students understand how their brains work and learn ways to navigate real-life problems. Students work with their ADHD coach to create realistic and meaningful goals for school, home, or social life. The ADHD Coach helps students identify the link between their goals and the behaviors and actions they need to do to reach those goals. This is done by clearly identifying goals and obstacles, teaching clear strategies and methods to overcome obstacles, providing practical guidance, and encouraging accountability. An ADHD coach also serves to listen and advise without judgement, ignite motivation, and improve self-awareness over time.

How Does ADHD Coaching Work?
When working with an ADHD Coach, the student is given a personalized road map for addressing their needs. The ADHD Coach starts by collecting information about a student’s individual executive skill strengths and weaknesses. Then, both student and coach form a plan to accomplish those goals. Virtual Services focus on helping students solve problems as they arise in day to day life through research-based strategies and activities. Ongoing communication with parents, caregivers, or teachers is encouraged to help with carryover to different environments. ADHD coaching is a process, so goals are also adjusted based on a student’s needs over time. Compassion and respect are at the heart of ADHD Coaching in order to make sure that all students feel comfortable, and supported throughout the process.


Location: Lambertville office, Brick office, or remote
Cost: $140 per hour