Our services sit at the intersection of healthcare and education. In many circumstances, financial support is available to families from one or both of these systems. 



In some cases, families are able to procure full or partial funding for an evaluation of speech, language, literacy, or academic skills from their school district. We are often asked to perform independent educational evaluations in which we bill and accept payment directly from the school district. Compensatory education funds can be also used to pay for our evaluation and/or therapy services. Contact us to talk about your needs and possibilities.



We believe that healthcare providers and their clients together, not insurance companies, are most equipped to make service decisions in the best interest of the individual. Based on this deeply held value, we have chosen not to participate with any insurance plans. We will not compromise the quality of service we offer our clients and families.

We are an out-of-network provider, which means that we do not participate directly with your health plan. Many families pay for our evaluation and treatment services using funds from Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). You can choose to pursue reimbursement for out-out-network services from your health insurance provider. Coverage and reimbursement rates will depend on your carrier and plan. In all cases, you are responsible for payment in full at the time of service, and any reimbursement you receive is paid from your insurance company directly to you. 

To help you obtain reimbursement, we will provide you with an invoice that contains the relevant information your insurance company will seek when determining claim reimbursement. This information most typically consists of a CPT code (procedure code), an ICD-10 code (diagnosis code), our Tax ID and our NPI number (National Provider Index). These four pieces of information will equip you to seek reimbursement from your insurance company. If additional information is needed or forms are needed to be completed by the provider, please contact our office. We are happy to assist wherever we can.