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What Our Clients Are Saying...

“When you’re a parent with a gut feeling it can feel as if you are taking on the world. You think to yourself that you would do anything for your kid to figure out what going on but feel like no one cares enough to help you figure it out. I can tell you that Jeanne and her team most certainly care. They go above and beyond to ensure thoroughness, understanding and most importantly compassion to your kiddo. They take parent’s “gut feelings” seriously even when others do not.”

Briana H

Parent of child with ADHD

“We searched for a qualified speech language pathologist with Jeanne Tighe’s credentials and what we got was so much more than we ever dared to imagine. Her painless evaluation, spot on diagnose and invaluable recommendations were everything we needed. She was truly a pleasure to work with. My daughter had so much fun that she still asks if she can go back and “play with Jeanne.” She is truly a very caring person, who took the time to thoroughly understand our child’s condition while never making us feel rushed. In the end all our questions were answered and her staff was equally as impressive, friendly and professional.”

Jim O

“Beyond Communication provides an exceptional level of professional expertise as well as compassion in their work. The evaluations not only deliver comprehensive assessment of learning/language, but also an invaluable diagnostic approach and analysis of all the issues impacting the child’s learning. The report clearly defines how the child’s learning works, why the child is experiencing difficulties, and what to do to remediate and teach the child using specific tools, strategies and methodologies. The “Impressions” offer a real understanding of the child’s learning processes, so that effective intervention becomes possible! Beyond the outstanding professionalism also lies a commitment and concern for helping children by all staff.”

Terry W.

Educational Advocate

“When our 4th grade son was struggling in school and we could not find answers from our education team we turned to Beyond Communications. The whole team is wonderful from Jeanne Tighe to Lauren--they are awesome!. They sit with you, game plan and answer all questions, not only do they evaluate but they plan and help you formulate the right plan for your child. My family could not give a higher recommendation for your child then Beyond Communication.”

Sean & Amy K

We were so thrilled with our experience at Beyond Communication! Jeanne Tighe is a brilliant, expert clinician in the field of speech/language communication and literacy. Her knowledge base and skillset is outstanding. Jeanne provided us with a robust, comprehensive and individualized analysis of our child’s assessment as well as detailed educational recommendations and critical advocacy work. Jeanne’s on-going guidance truly helped to pave the way for our child’s future needs and well-being. Our child thoroughly enjoyed working with her…and always asks to visit! We are so grateful to have Jeanne on our team and we value her input tremendously!

Meredith R

"Jeanne and her amazing staff at Beyond Communication have been a pleasure to work with these past 2 years. They have provided Rocco with multiple tools for his communication toolbox and given our family the reassurance and the help we needed to better communicate and understand our son. He no longer shuts down when faced with a communication barrier but works through it and perseveres. Beyond Communication has helped grow his confidence and has helped to bring Rocco's smile back."

Kim B

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